Activities don’t have to be boring, make them fun so your child will love math!

  1. Head out into nature and explore flowers. Count and compare flower petals!
  2. Go on a hunt for a number and match it to its corresponding dots.
  3. Build towers of blocks on a number mat, with the correct number of blocks high!
  4. Spark your child’s interest with their interests! A farming approach of loading grain bins with the corresponding number of pieces of ‘grain’
  5. Have a newspaper throwing game and count up the newspaper balls, or how many you make, or miss!
  6. Make something in the kitchen together, or do an experiment and let your child measure out and do the counting.
  7. Sort through objects by color, and count how many you have of each!
  8. Fill a dump truck with objects [like dominos!] and count how many you can fit in there! [Inspiration Laboratories]
  9. Estimate first for some fun and then count items! [Teach Preschool]
  10. Count with Legos! Make, Do & Friend created a guide to count them on!
  11. Rolling a die and count corresponding number of Popsicle sticks. [Totally Tots]
  12. Go on a stroll with their strollers. Give them a number that they have to find that many objects of. Make it a race! [Toddler Approved]
  13. Connect the dots!  A simple past-time activity that reinforces the order of numbers.
  14. Upcycle a box into a puzzle of numbers!
  15. Create a maze of numbers to drive through. Can they count their way to the end?
  16. Stacking up boxes and counting how many high you can go!
  17. Make a craft together with multiple pieces. Have your child do the counting!
  18. Count a color of car while on the road, or semis, or vans, whatever suits their interest!
  19. Create a learning game with your ABC mat and number blocks. Choose a number block and pound the corresponding times with a hammer on the corresponding number mat!
  20. Let your child run an experiment and measure how much something holds! How many cups fit?
  21. Make puzzles with a picture. Label sections of the puzzle in numerical order. Cut apart and have your child put it back together again! [Growing in PreK]
  22. Convert an ABC Puzzle [or any puzzle for that matter] into a number puzzle by flipping it over! [Wild Edisons]
  23. Measure objects [or yourself!] and count how big they are. [The Imagination Tree]
  24. Count objects around the house. How many doors do you have? [No Time For Flash Cards]
  25. Counting with Popsicle sticks and play dough. [Tot School]
  26. Play any board game, or make your own! Little Family Fun creates a fish race game!
  27. Count with legos! Label out a paper with numbers and count out the legos next to it. [Crayon Freckles]
  28. Snack time! Use dice and fruit snacks and play until you eat them all up! [Kids Activities Blog]
  29. Happy Home Fairy makes a countdown to the first day of school! [Or whatever big event is coming up!]