1. Purchase shape magnets found at the dollar store or Walmart. Have child pick out all of a shape you name and put them on a cookie sheet. You could also have the child pick out all of the shapes of the same color.  Find some shape flash cards (also at the dollar store) and have your child match the shape on the card with the shape magnet.    

2. Find different small objects around  the house and trace them onto index cards. Have your child match the object with the correct index card. Examples of objects could be keys, clothes pin, army man, car, etc.)

3. Do the same thing as above in example 2 except either cut shapes out of spounges or purchase spounges that are already cut into shapes. Trace spounge shape onto an index card. Have child match the spounge to the index card.    

4. Get an assortment of pasta (bow ties, shells, wheels, pene pasta etc.). Have child group similar pasta together. You could have them put the matching pasta in cups or bowls or anything else you can think of or have around your house.    

5. Using masking tape, make big shapes on the floor. Make beanbags that are different shapes. Have child toss the bean bag into the corresponding taped shape. You could do many other things with the taped shapes on the floor. You could call out a shape and have your child run to the shape as fast as they can. You could cut several shapes out of paper and have your child stick them in the matching shape on the floor.

6. Cut 2 sets of shapes out of paper. Lamenate. Hold up your set and have your child find the matching shape in his set. You could also do this same thing by putting the shape up on the fridge or hang a string between two chairs and clothes pin the shapes onto it.

7. Cut out a bunch of small shapes. Tape one of each shape to a small box or tuperware or something. Have child sort all of the shapes into the corresponding boxes.

8. Cut a medium size circle out of green paper and a similar size octagon out of red paper. Write "Go" on the green circle and "Stop" on the red octagon. Tape the shapes back to back on a jumbo craft stick.  You can use this to teach your child stop and go.  Have child run or jump or dance while you have the sign facing go and teach the child to stop when you turn it to the red octagon.    

9. Get some smART Foam Beads 2 Lace. Basically they are beads that are many different shapes and colors.  Teach the child to lace them to make a neclace.    

10. Cut shapes out of spounges or purchase precut spounge shapes. Use these for bath toys. The child can stick them to the wall of the bath tub. Talk about the shapes while you bathe your child.